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Plate - appetizer

Plate - appetizer

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When we meet friends or relatives on the green grass, I like to put something to taste on the table. That's before I serve the main course. Next to the appetizer platter we have some liquid for everyone's taste and a lot of good cheer and love for rare friendly meetings.

  • Boiled bacon with paprika and garlic
  • Smoked chicken breast
  • Cheese matured with basil
  • Raw salami - dried with pepper crust
  • Cucumbers
  • radishes
  • Kapia
  • Green onions
  • Red onion

Servings: 4

Preparation time: less than 15 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Plate - appetizer:

  1. Slice the cheese with the basil.

  2. Cut the smoked chicken breast into slices.

  3. If necessary, cut the salami slices with pepper.

  4. Clean and wash the vegetables.

  5. Cut the kapele rondele.

  6. Cut the cucumbers lengthwise.

  7. Do not salt the vegetables, if they are not served immediately soften them.

  8. Arrange the sausages, cheeses and vegetables, nicely on a plate according to your imagination.

  9. I also put on a plate the famous red onion by Mihai Viteazul.

  10. The plate can be arranged in advance and kept cold.

Good appetite !!!

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The appetizer plate must contain various sausages, cheeses or vegetables so that everyone can find something they like.


The quantities are variable depending on how many people are at the table.


Do not forget a good bread and a lot of joy.


We had a guest of honor and a beautiful butterfly !!!