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Sandwich with flaps

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The piano on the beach, the most photographed lens from Vama Veche. The musical instrument remained in the beat of the sea waves

A grand piano left on the beach at Vama Veche, bathed by the Black Sea, has become the most photographed objective of the seaside, with the end of the tourist season.

Sea nostalgics have started counting the months until the start of the 2018 season, which will officially take place on May 1. Those who run to Vama Veche to breathe the salty air once again enjoy the tranquility and the empty beach on which a grand piano reigns majestically, in front of Yuva (former Molotov, Corsarul).

Filled with earth, white pebbles and plants, with brown wooden keys and white veneer, the piano is part of the decor of the Yuva bar. Looking for an element to put on the beach and become distinctive, the three owners came across the piano on Someone from Alba Iulia was selling it.

"I brought the piano when I opened the bar, in April 2016. It was dysfunctional, a family legacy. It took 5 people to carry it, because it weighs about 200 kilograms. The transport cost more than the piano: the piano cost 600 lei, and the transport was 800 lei ", laughs George Stoianov, a Bucharest resident who owns the Yuva bar together with two friends.

20 things you didn't know about me

When I accepted Flavia's challenge to write a number of things about myself, I didn't even think it would be so easy for me and that I would rediscover so many things I had almost forgotten.

I have tried to describe myself on the blog, in the About section, but it does not compare to what you will read in the following.

So, if you want to know how I am outside the blog, where I come from, where I came from, what characterizes me as a person, what bizarre or less bizarre passions I have, now is the opportunity.

1. Although some wouldn't say, because I kind of lost my focus, I am from Transylvania, born in Cluj-Napoca and raised in Mureș. I grew up in Mures County, in the first phase in Fantânele until I was seven years old, and then in the city of Târgu-Mureș until I was 18, the age at which I came to Bucharest to college and stayed here. The accent sometimes comes to the surface when I am surrounded by very close friends or family.

2. I know Hungarian. This is because, as I said above, I lived in Fântânele for up to seven years, where the population is predominantly Hungarian. The children all played together, regardless of the language they spoke at home. I had come to speak so well that some thought my parents were Hungarian. Since I haven't spoken Hungarian in years, I have a hard time, but I understand almost everything.

3. I studied piano in elementary school. I gave up because I was extremely emotional at the exams that took place at the end of the term. My hands were shaking every time on the keys and I ended up crying out of the room. I still have a piano, over 100 years old, at my family's house, but it is out of tune because no one has played it for years.

4. I've been short-sighted and I've been wearing glasses since I was 12 years old. I don't see much without glasses. When I go out in the city or at events, I usually wear contact lenses.

5. I am an architect by profession. If I didn't study architecture I would have chosen to be a lawyer, diplomat (not cake) or doctor.

6. I have been driving for 13 years but I have not driven for 10 years and I'm terrified to get back on my feet. I am very stupid with patience in traffic and I am extremely upset when I see the behavior of the vast majority behind the wheel, how they swear at everything and make flames on their noses.

7. Practice yoga. I grabbed my head at home 5 years ago and for more than a year I have been going to a special yoga center. It helps me to relax, to be more balanced and more harmonious physically and mentally.

8. I love rafting! I haven't had a chance to practice it too many times, but when I did, it filled me with joy.

9. I'm afraid to fly. Until a few years ago, I could hardly wait to travel by plane. But since I was badly inspired to watch a whole series of documentaries on the Discovery Channel on the subject of the plane crash, every time I get on one I get all my emotions.

10. I'm weather sensitive. I do not have joint pain, as the elderly have (yet) but I can become slightly unwell, melancholy, irritable and sleep worse if I do not take my dose of sun and natural light.

11. I refuse any dessert in exchange for a delicious portion of pasta.

12. When I was 20 I was told that they look like Winona Rider (my husband especially claimed this), at 25 and 28 with Kate Moss (this happened to me in two different corners of the world, at a wedding in the UK when I was on all fours and on a bus in Barcelona when I was without make-up and tired). At 30 and 35 with Keira Knightley or Joan Allen. I don't know who is right, just as I don't know if I should feel flattered or not.

13. I do my hair and make up myself for important events in my life or the lives of others. The only times I went to the hairdresser was for my wedding and my sister-in-law's. I did my make-up on my own. I think I was a little afraid of the look of the plastered face that the professional or newer contour and highlighter make-up can get. So I prefer to follow various hair stylists and make-up artists and try various tricks on my skin. In terms of make-up artist, my favorite is Lisa Eldridge (as far as I know, she makes up Keira Knightley), and when it comes to hair, I go after Sarah Angius.

14. I used to buy and collect a lot of fashion magazines every month. At one point I had whole stacks occupying the shelves of my library. If I went abroad, I would return home with at least two magazines. In the end, under pressure from my husband, I sent them all for recycling. He was right too: how many times will I be flipping through old numbers again? Now I buy one elle from the year in Easter or loan a Vogue from friends around the world.

15. I'm demophobic, that is, I am afraid of large masses of people. I don't really enjoy getting into crowds, although I've done it a few times. I have the feeling that people suddenly gather around me and run out of air and I can't escape.

16. Before I had a child, I followed more fashion blogs than food. I still know the names of some of them, although I rarely visit them: Garance Doré, The Cherry Blossom Girl (who now I see that in the meantime she has also become a mother of two!), The Blonde Salad, Atlantic -Pacific, Fabulous Muses, etc.

17. Even before I had a child, I went to the site every day I knew practically everything that moves in the world of celebrities: how many children each one has, what their name is, what they wear, what they eat, etc & # 8230 I know, I had time, no joke!

18. I visited Moscow 13 years ago and I didn't like it at all! I seem to hear reactions like: & # 8220Oh, no! How so?! & # 8221 I didn't like it, among other things, because those people have little respect for what old buildings and monuments mean. When a historic monument building is damaged, instead of preserving and restoring it, it simply demolishes it, possibly moving it a little more "acana", so that it can widen the street, and rebuild it from scratch, beautiful and bright as it was. another time. Well, how does that come about ?!

19. I lived for a year in the south of France and since then I love any type of cheese with mold. The harder you can, the better. Since then, my love for a glass of dry red wine has been with me. It's my favorite drink, after water!

20. I've been drinking sugar-free coffee for 10 years. I didn't intend to do that, but that's what happened. I woke up one morning that I had no sugar in the house and I said it works without it. Surprised by its special aroma, since then I only drink it like that and I couldn't go back to the sweetened version. It seems to me that it totally alters its taste.

That's me, for better or worse. Do you find yourself in any of the above features? If so, please leave a comment below.

I take the challenge further and nominate Daciana, Cristina and Cătălina. I can't wait to see what they write!

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Eggplant sandwich is a very tasty recipe from jamie oliver. You will need good bread and baked eggplant.

The eggplant is cut into longitudinal slices. I did not peel the eggplant, I only cut a little from the ends.
Grease the eggplant slices with olive oil and put the tray in the oven. When they have browned, they return to the other side. Remove from the oven after browning.
Cut the tomato into round slices. Fry the slices of bread in the toaster or oven.
Mix the mayonnaise with the crushed garlic and grease the slices of bread with this sauce.
Assemble the sandwich: add the eggplant slices, tomatoes, sprinkle with chopped feta, add the basil and season with salt and pepper.

Eggplant sandwich is served immediately. It is ideal for a snack or an aperitif.
I would use the pan from the Kitchen Shop, which also goes in the oven

Slowly baked beef sandwich (video)

My dear ones, welcome back to the new episode of Clean Plates. Remember that episode where I taught you how to make burger buns?

Well, look for it on this blog or on the Hadean Live YouTube channel because you will definitely find it.

Now, we will prepare the filling for them, namely, a good meat obtained from a slightly cheaper raw material, ie from some pieces that are not so expensive and that we treat with a lot of pressure and a touch of talent.

I used a slightly firmer meat, chest and neck, both beef. A healthy piece of butter (I used 82% fat from Albalact), vegetables (about what you find in the fridge this time), bay leaves, the rest from a bottle of wine and soy sauce (only & # 8217 if you want) .

This is for meat, if you want to make a sauce next to it you can mix some mayonnaise with a cream (I used the one from Albalact) not very fat, 12% fat, in which I put some more salt, pepper, hot pepper flakes and two tablespoons of Sriracha sauce (which you can find in any supermarket). After following the instructions in the video below, that's it.

Thank you for looking. Stay healthy.

* The series & # 8222Clean Plates & # 8221 was created in the context in which people spend more and more time in the house and have to cook, so that at the end of the isolation period they come out at least as healthy as they entered. A set of basic skills in cooking simple ingredients can be very useful at a time when we are forced to spend time in our own homes indefinitely.

Biscuit sandwich with caramelized condensed milk!

Delicious biscuits with cornstarch, topped with caramelized condensed milk! This dessert comes from Argentine cuisine and is currently prepared in most Latin American countries. The biscuits are assembled in pairs, being joined by a layer of dulce de leche and decorated with coconut flakes. Let's cook them together! Is simple!


For the dough:

-150 g of corn starch

-a teaspoon of baking powder

For the filling: a can of caramelized condensed milk (dulce de leche) - if you want, you can combine it with a little melted chocolate on a bain-marie.

For decoration: coconut flakes.


1.Put the soft butter (at room temperature) in a deep bowl. Add caster sugar and vanilla sugar. Mix with a spoon until smooth.

2.Add the egg yolks. Stir.

3.Add cornstarch, sifted flour and baking powder. Initially mix with a spoon, then knead the dough with your hands. It must be smooth, homogeneous and quite dense.

4.Put the dough obtained between 2 pieces of baking paper and spread it with the rolling pin in a countertop with a thickness of about 5 mm.

5. Using a round shape, 4.5 cm in diameter, cut circles out of the dough top.

6. Place them on a tray lined with baking paper, leaving gaps between them.

7. Bake the biscuits for 10 minutes in the preheated oven to 180 ° C.

8. Allow them to cool, then turn half of them with the bottom, slightly browned, up. Apply about a teaspoon of caramelized condensed milk on each of them (we applied it with a thin nozzle).

9. Cover the layer of caramelized condensed milk with another biscuit, orienting it with the browned side inwards. This way you will get a biscuit-sandwich.

10. Roll the sides of the sandwich biscuits through coconut flakes.

Călin Bârcean, the artist who sings with his soul: "Since 2013 I have decided to live only from music"

Călin Bârcean, the leader of the band Pragu ’de Sus, one of the most well-known names on the folk-rock scene in our area, has the artistic“ microbe ”in the family, his first musical attempts taking place since childhood.

"My passion for music did not come suddenly. I come from a family where my father was a drummer, so I had a lot of instruments in the house. I discovered each instrument on my own and slowly - I easily reached adolescence, where I started to like some artists. It was the time with MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice, I wasn't a rocker at first, but the moment when I fully understood the music was when I discovered the people from the Hummingbird Bird, they marked me deeply. I started teaching them songs and growing my own songs. In the first phase I learned the piano, the keyboards, and in high school I learned the guitar ", the artist remembered.

The nucleus of the band Pragu De Sus was formed in Timişoara in 2003, and a year later, at the Gala “10 ani TeleU”, the first stage appearance of the student band made up of Călin Bârcean (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Costel Răsuceanu ( bass, vocals), Marian Draghia (guitar) and Constantin Borozan (drums).

"I sang for a while with my father in the band, but my major project materialized at the end of my studies in Timisoara, where following an announcement seen in the Student Complex, I went with Costel Răsuceanu and laid the foundations of the band. The name of the band was given by my wife, Adriana. I hugged the idea urgently and set off. We were associated with folk, because along with the band, we also sang alone, with guitar and vocals. He was a man and a guitar, that's how we were hooked. In the meantime, we have diversified a lot, what Pragu De Sus sings is no longer folk ", said Călin Bârcean.

The band's first album, "Decupaj Sonor" was recorded in Vlady Cnejevici's studio in Bucharest, and the songs "Dreamet" and "I Seeked You" were a huge hit with the public. Later, the band came to the attention of music lovers again with the song "Nobody, nobody", which was included in the second discographic material of the boys, called "The Last Poet". According to their own confessions, the real "boom" of the band came in 2013, after the release of their third album, "Green Lock".

"In the first years of existence there were other times. There weren't many places to sing, but we were in a hurry, we weren't interested in anything other than singing. Each of us had a job, we did it out of passion. It was a time of our probing. We had a boom after the release of the album Green Lock in 2013. There we changed the approach. I also changed the band and became more professional. I saw things on another level. In parallel with our songs, I realized that we have to be open to the covers and parties, where you can earn money, to support the creative part. This is also my vision now ", explained Călin Bârcean.

Even if many musicians consider that nowadays it is not worth releasing albums, the soloist of the band Pragu De Sus is of the opinion that these are real business cards. On the other hand, it is very difficult to compose in Romanian, but it is worth the effort.

"Many artists apologize for not being able to release albums because they lack inspiration or personality. If you have something to say, you feel the need to do it. No one can dictate to you. To release a record you have to invest thousands of euros, but in time it is worth it. These things can be seen in time, we wouldn't have gotten where we are if we hadn't taken out these records. A record is a business card. I'm glad to see old artists releasing records, even at 70 or 80 years old.

It's phenomenal, that's the point. Since 2013 I decided to live only from music, I quit my job. It was a risk, I believed in it and I wasn't wrong. It is much harder to compose in Romanian than in English. I am very attentive to what is being played on the market. I am referring here to the international plan. I listen to John Mayall, Sting, Brett Young, Eric Clapton or Mark Knopfler. It's hard to compose in Romanian, you need time, a period of accumulation to come up with other stories. Have inspiration and experience. True moments of inspiration are rare. There are no classic recipes. It's that click. I have a song on my new album that took me about two years to finish. I'm not a perfectionist, other pieces come out of a fire. It depends on the details ", confessed Călin Bârcean.

"I can't wait," protest songs

This year, Pragu De Sus released the video for the play "I will call you", a song with which the band participated in the semifinal of the Eurovision contest held in Room 2 of the National Theater in Timisoara. In August, the boys are preparing to release a new single and for this fall, the fourth album of their career. Which will also include some protest pieces & # 8230

"We have been working hard on our fourth album for about a year. The material will be a reflection of our personality in 2018. We have also matured and we approach other topics, we can not only sing about the Complex. In August we will release a new single, it's a stylistic premiere. It's a ballad that talks about the day when great love happens. Our new album will be called "I can't wait" and will also contain protest songs. We also have social messages and the record is a reaction of ours to what is happening around us, to social dissatisfaction, to street movements. We have reached a phase of life in which we start to have problems from these as well ", said Călin.

"In this musical area you promote yourself, you have no trust behind you"

Even if at most concerts, the audience wants to listen mainly to "hits", Călin Bârcean tries to promote the lesser-known songs of the band and is of the opinion that any album must contain at least three or four songs "that go further “. In terms of future plans, the soloist of the band Pragu De Sus considers that things should not be rushed in any way, the public being the one who decides whether a band is "valid" or not.

"We live from the reaction of the people, we are in the private environment, so to speak. People pay a ticket to see us or call us to a company or wedding party. We can handle it. Of course, we have colleagues who are inflated by advertising and who sing in public for huge sums. When they play on tickets, they don't sell well. These are the realities. Of course, people want well-known songs at concerts. We still shake hands because you didn't sing Bunch of Dreams or Nobody, Nobody. But, we also sing lesser-known songs. I have no expectations for the future. We've been moving really well lately. We were told that being a zonal band, we had reached the upper threshold of the area. It may seem like it from the outside, but we have surprises all the time. Many do not know us, it is still working locally. An album of ten songs must have three or four to go on. In order to become nationals, we lack industry. In the past, if you were talented you had the opportunity to sing, you would wake up in front of a stadium. Now it is not possible. In this musical area you promote yourself, you have no trust behind you. Record companies don't really like us anymore. We pop rock producers are suffering. On the dance pop side, things have evolved well. The products are qualitatively ok, they have reached an ok level. We would evolve faster if we had support, but we like what we do and we sing with our souls, which is also noticed by our fans ", added Călin Bărcean.

Along with him, the band Pragu & # 8217 de Sus also includes Costel Răsuceanu & # 8211 bass guitar, vocals, Florin Demea & # 8211 electric guitar, Cosmin Herac - drums and Andrei Crișan & # 8211 keyboards.

Preparation of shock syrup

You can buy ready-made shock syrup. But it is relatively easy to prepare. Of course, due to the effects mentioned in the previous section, it is essential to be careful when preparing.

The main ingredient is shock, which can be fresh or dried - you can find it in the market or in health food stores. Of course, you can choose your own fresh berries from the forest, as long as you know how to recognize the ripe plant and fruit. You need to take precautions in this regard, because there are other species of plants that are very similar, but toxic.


  • 2 cups dried berries (400 g)
  • 4 cups water (1 l)
  • 1 cup honey (250 g)
  • Ginger root can be in powder form (20 g)
  • Cinnamon, vanilla or cardamom to taste
  • Optionally, you can add a cup of alcoholic beverage, such as vodka, although this should not be done if the syrup is for children.

The preparation process

  • Put the berries, ginger and cinnamon (vanilla or cardamom) to boil with water.
  • After the mixture boils, reduce the heat and let it boil for at least 45 minutes.
  • Take the pot off the heat and let it sit until it cools.
  • Then strain the mixture through a gauze.
  • Mix the resulting liquid with honey and alcohol.
  • Store the product in a sterilized glass bottle and keep it in a cool, dry place.

Rákóczi Stairs, The Most Beautiful in the World

The most beautiful staircase in the world is in Romania and is located in Târgu Mureș. The Rákóczi Staircase, one of the city's most important landmarks, painted with traditional motifs, won first place in the top of the most beautiful stairs in the world.

The most beautiful in the world

Built over 100 years ago, the beautiful staircase in Târgu Mureș was painted with a digital pixel pattern, with popular Transylvanian motifs.

Everything happened in the summer of 2014, when Digital Transilvania and the "Green Art Tour" Association came up with an idea that would go around the world.

Regarding the process in which art began to take shape, those who gave birth to the project say that the first step was to make drawings on graph paper. The steps were divided into pixels, so that the artists could make the necessary amount of paint for each model. The entire painting project was made in collaboration with the Vocational High School of Art in Târgu Mureș.

Traditional street art

Painted with traditional motifs, within a project that would promote tourism in Târgu Mureș, the construction became a true work of urban art, which attracts attention through details and the incomparable appearance as beauty.

The Rákóczi staircase has 70 steps, painted in white, black and red. Here, the motifs embroidered on the traditional costumes from Transylvania, as well as on the traditional towels, are respected.

It is painted on the vertical step, the horizontal one being devoid of a pattern. This makes the art laid on one of the most important objectives of the city, to be observed only by those who climb the stairs or who look at them from the bottom up.

The staircase, famous all over the world

In the top of the most beautiful stairs in the world, made by the foreign publication "Bored Panda", were ranked 20 constructions. Of all these, the Rákóczi Ladder received the most points, through the photo taken by Dragoș Gurăroşie.

Scara Rákóczi (Photo: Dragos Gurarosie)

In second place were the stairs of the & # 8221Aqua Alta & # 8221 library in Venice, considered the most beautiful library in the world.

Scarile & # 8221Aqua Alta & # 8221 (Venetia)

The staircase in Valparaiso, Chile, took third place, its steps being painted like piano keys.

Tribute to the prince of Transylvania

From the point of view of antiquity, the most beautiful staircase in the world is a precious historical monument.

Its name is related to the prince of Transylvania, Francis Rákóczi II, who became famous for leading the Curuta revolt (Curuta Revolt), directed against the Austrian rule in Transylvania.

Became prince of Transylvania on April 5, 1707, Rákóczi participated in the service in the chapel built on the site where the Roman Catholic Church is today.

The 70-step passage was thus built in his memory, the construction being linked to the name of the architect Sóos Pál.

From the stairs that have become famous in the world, the access leads to the Medieval Fortress from Târgu Mureș, from Revoluției Street. Although it does not benefit from a special design, being delimited by high concrete parapets on which the railing is fixed, the construction is known and appreciated in the city due to its antiquity.

* The advice and any health information available on this site are for informational purposes, do not replace the doctor's recommendation. If you suffer from chronic diseases or follow medication, we recommend that you consult your doctor before starting a cure or natural treatment to avoid interaction. By postponing or interrupting classic medical treatments you can endanger your health.

Pedestrian crossing in the shape of piano keys, drawn between the Cathedral and the Philharmonic, in Timișoara

The pedestrian crossing in the form of piano keys appeared in Timișoara, this weekend. It is a new idea put into practice in Romania that has also been painted on asphalt in Sibiu. The zebra-shaped piano keyboard originated in Poland, originally painted as a tribute to the composer Frederic Chopin, reports the local publication Tion.

The key-shaped pedestrian crossing first appeared in Poland, in Warsaw, more than ten years ago, being the idea of ​​artists Helena Czernek and Klara Jankiewicz.

The asphalt project then marked 200 years since the birth of composer and pianist Frederic Chopin. From Poland, however, the idea of ​​piano zebras spread around the world, and such pedestrian crossings reached Sibiu and Chisinau, and on Saturday in Timisoara, according to

& # 8222We go through harder or easier musical moments. We do it in style… in Timișoara. In tone and halftone for pedestrians and only on white keys for cyclists & # 8221, said the deputy mayor Dan Diaconu on Facebook.

Other pedestrian crossings in the shape of piano keys will be painted on other arteries in Timisoara, especially near cultural institutions related to music, such as the Opera or the Music High School & # 8222Ion Vidu & # 8221.

Video: Φτιάξαμε 1 ΤΕΡΑΣΤΙΟ Σάντουιτς - Giant Sandwich


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