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Fruit cake and walnut top

Fruit cake and walnut top

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For starters you have to make the top, which is very easy to make: mix about 4 whole eggs with 300 gr for about an hour. sugar, then add 10 tablespoons of cold water (two, alternating with the mixture).

Grind the walnuts and add them together with the baking powder and flour.

In a cake pan (I have some dishes that can be used in the oven and on the fire, with removable handles), make a icing of burnt sugar, after which, wallpaper the walls well.

Now peel and peel the pears, then cut them into rounds. Be careful, if you like, you can clean an extra one because you will surely taste these juicy and fragrant rounds!

Peel and pit the clementines and mix with the pears, then place half over the icing sugar.

Pour half of the top amount into the tray, then the rest of the fruit and at the end what is left of the top dough.

Prepare the oven, heat it to 165 ° C (medium to low gas), and bake for 50 minutes.

While it is baking, make a syrup from 250ml of water and 10 tablespoons of sugar, rum and vanilla essences. After removing from the oven, let cool for about 10 minutes, then pour the syrup.

While it is hot, carefully turn it over on a plate, the tray upside down, and leave it until it comes off. Normally, it should come off easily due to the burnt sugar sauce.

Don't you feel the smell you once felt in your mother's kitchen, or maybe it awakens sweet memories of your childhood? It is not an illusion, or an opinion, it is the smell of burnt sugar that seems to remind you of cotton candy and the cradle with horses that seems to urge you to enter the adventure of your childhood! It's the smell of ripe fruit that Grandma caressed with all her love for you.

And don't forget, the scent of childhood is the first love you shared with a hurried sparrow, a playful kitten who was gluing her sweet torso to the untied laces and the jar of jam, the treasure of sweet moments.

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