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Mickey mouse cupcakes

Mickey mouse cupcakes

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Mix the yolks with the sugar and oil and beat with the mixer until they turn white and the sugar melts. Add flour mixed with cocoa and baking powder, ground walnuts, cherry jam and finally, mixing lightly with a spatula from top to bottom, add the beaten egg whites.

Pour the composition into muffin trays lined with paper baskets and bake the muffins for 25-30 minutes.

I had some chocolate sauce left over from other cakes (rolls) and I glazed each muffin before putting the cream.

Gelatin is hydrated in very little water. Strawberries are mixed with a vertical blender. Strawberry puree is mixed with sugar and heated enough to melt the sugar. Remove from the heat and add the hydrated gelatine. The cottage cheese is mixed with a tablespoon of powdered sugar and mixed with whipped cream. Pour the strawberry puree over this cream and mix well. Put the cream in a posh and sprinkle the cream over the muffins.

For the eyes and ears of chocolate, melt the chocolate, pour it into a bag that is cut into a corner and on the baking paper draw the ears and eyes of the mice. Put the baking paper in the fridge for 10 minutes, then carefully remove both the eyes and the ears and decorate the cookies. From the strawberries, cut the pieces that will form the mouths of the mice.

Do not over mix. Over mixing the batter will lead to having tough cupcakes. Just mix the ingredients until they are mixed together.

Allow cupcakes to cool completely before frosting. If you frost cupcakes while they are still warm then the frosting will melt.

Allow Fondant to sit out. Allowing the fondant to sit out and harden a bit makes it easier to put on the cupcakes.

Properly fill the piping bag with frosting. If you have never filled a pastry bag with frosting check out how to fill a pastry bag with frosting.

Pip frosting with a cupcake frosting swirl. If you have never made a cupcake frosting swirl, it is super easy to do. Check out how to make a frosting swirls on a cupcake to learn how.

Mickey Mouse Jack Skellington Cupcakes Recipe

My kids love Disney and I love the Nightmare Before Christmas. Last year, I made the Nightmare Before Christmas Layer Cake and it was a hit with everyone. This year, we wanted to make something different for our Nightmare Before Christmas movie night. After making the Anna Frozen Cupcakes a few months ago, the girls love the Mickey Mouse ear cupcakes, I thought we would make some for Halloween too. These Mickey Mouse Jack Skellington Cupcakes are perfect.

What are the Mickey Ears Made From?

The ears are made from fondant. You can make your own fondant but it is much easier to buy it premade. It comes in at about the same price and saves a lot of elbow grease.


Get the full list of ingredients, with measurements, and step by step directions at the bottom of the post in the printable recipe card.

How to Make Jack Skellington Cupcakes

Make the chocolate cupcakes and let them cool completely. Then make the fondant ears.
Sprinkle powder sugar onto the cutting board and spread around.
Remove black fondant from container and place onto cutting board

Coat fondant with powdered sugar and roll out onto the cutting board into a flat 1/2 inch disk

Using the 4 inch round cutter, cut out 24 circles
Place cut circles onto the cookie sheet
Using the silver edible pen, draw rough lines onto the ears

Edible Print out of Jacks Bowtie

Contact your local bakery and see if they can print out a black
outline of Jack & # 8217s bow. Cut out the printout. You can also make this out of fondant. Since there isn’t a cutter for this, you can freehand the design and cut it out.

Using the edible pen, draw the lines and face on
Set aside

Vanilla Frosting Directions

Using a stand mixer, combine all ingredients and mix on medium speed.
Mix until you see stiff peaks in your frosting
Divide the frosting in half
Mix one half of the frosting with black gel food coloring
Scoop the black frosting into one side of the piping bag
Frost cooled cupcakes
Place the black bow in the middle of the frosting
Place one & # 8220ear & # 8221 on either side of the bow

Simple Mickey Mouse Cupcakes

Like most kids, mine are a HUGE fan of all things Disney. This week we wanted to make some Disney-inspired cupcakes, but I didn't feel like rolling out the fondant or busting out a bunch of ingredients, so these cupcakes fit the bill: Mickey Mouse + simple ingredients + easy decorations = the perfect short on time weekend cupcake! These cupcakes are also a fun precursor to us getting ready to go and watch Disney on Ice Rockin & # 8217 Ever After this week! My girls are getting SO excited to see Ariel and Minnie on ice. Thinking of taking your kids to the show? Here & # 8217s all the info you need about when it comes to Tucson!

You can use any cake and frosting recipe you want, I included my basic yellow cupcake and cream cheese frosting recipe at the bottom.

Ice your cupcakes with a piping bag so that way the frosting will have a nice peak, stick two mini oreos in the sides for all the cupcakes, and add two large red (or pink) heart sprinkles for Minnie. Ta-da! You are done! Simple and adorable!

These would be perfect for a Mickey and Minnie birthday party or just when you need some Disney in your life!

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5 Beautiful and Colorful Mickey Mouse Cupcakes

Here is a list of most popular 5 Beautiful and Colorful Mickey Mouse Cupcakes, You will love them!


Coming up with a design for these Mickey & Minnie Mouse Cupcakes was the hardest part of planning the Mickey Mouse Party, but also what I think turned out the best.

Ingredients you will need:


Adorable Mickey Mouse Cupcakes are moist, with the creamiest buttercream frosting, a sprinkling of red sugar, and a few decorations to make them look like Mickey himself. For a Mickey Mouse treat Mouseketeers of all ages will love!

Ingredients you will need:

  • 15.25 ounces Devil & # 8217s Food cake mix
  • 1 cup (236.59 ml) water
  • 10 tbsp light mayonnaise
  • 3 eggs

Buttercream frosting:


The Mickey and Minnie fans in your family are going to love these cupcakes! They & # 8217re the perfect treat for a Mickey and Minnie birthday party. Or separately!

Ingredients you will need:

  • 1 box chocolate cake mix
  • 3 large eggs
  • 1 cup buttermilk
  • 1/2 cup vegetable oil
  • 12 red cupcake liners
  • 12 pink cupcake liners
  • 2 16 oz cans vanilla frosting
  • 24 3/4 & # 8243 white buttons
  • 12 mini Oreos


Ever since we did our Halloween Bewitched Cupcakes, we have been trying to find another opportunity to try that technique again. The Mickey Mouse Party was a perfect time.

We love the tri-color effect of the marble cupcakes and the fact that no two Mickey Mouse Marble Cupcakes are the same. It doesn’t hurt that they are super easy to make too.

Ingredients you will need:


Super cute and simple Mickey Mouse Cupcakes perfect for you next Disney party! Super soft and moist & # 8211 made with a black & # 038 white cupcake mix, frosting pouch, and oreos for ears !!

What you Need to Make These Mickey Mouse Cupcakes

These cupcakes are generally simple to make and take very little effort. In fact, very little in the way of fancy ingredients are required to whip these up.

  • 1 chocolate boxed cake mix - This makes it much easier to make these cupcakes, but if you want, you can opt to use your favorite recipe.
  • 1/2 cup water - You can just get this out of your tap.
  • 1/3 cup avocado oil - You can find this at your local grocery store.
  • 3 eggs - These are pretty self explanatory. Use whatever eggs you have on hand.
  • 1/2 cup hot cocoa mix - You probably already have this in your pantry.
  • Mini Oreo cookies - Use the mini ones to create the mickey ears.
  • Small yellow buttons - These aren’t going on the cupcakes themselves they are to be glued to the wrapper if desired.
  • 2 sticks room temperature unsalted butter - You want to ensure that the butter is softened enough for the frosting.
  • 2 cups marshmallow fluff - This is for the icing, and it will help the cookies to properly stick.
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Mickey and Minnie Cupcakes

Don & # 8217t you just love all things Disney? I can & # 8217t even tell you which classic Disney movie is my favorite because I love them all. So much of my childhood was spent watching Disney movies on VHS. I was thrilled when I was invited to participate with Girl Loves Glam and other bloggers, along with Get Away Today, to give one of our readers the ultimate Southern California trip. Along with the giveaway, each of us are sharing a Disney themed gift idea. So many fun recipes, crafts, and other tutorials! These cupcakes would go great with some of the different projects being shared today.

So let & # 8217s talk about these cupcakes! Believe it or not, these little little cuties are pretty darn easy to put together. First of all, they & # 8217re made with a chocolate cake mix and canned frosting. As stressful as it is to put a birthday party together, why make the cake and frosting from scratch? I & # 8217m all about the box and can! After baking the cupcakes in red and pink wrappers, glue white buttons onto the red wrappers and pipe frosting onto all 24. Then top with the little Oreos and Minnie bows, a printable that you can download below! And that & # 8217s it! These cupcakes are so much fun and the perfect dessert for a birthday party. You could make just Mickey cupcakes are just Minnie cupcakes if you don't want to do a Mickey and Minnie party.

Mickey Mouse Party Supplies

Throw a Mickey Mouse birthday that'll have your little one shouting "" Oh boy! "" From Mickey Mouse birthday invitations to party favors, decorations, and even Mickey Mouse costumes, we've got all the Mickey Mouse party supplies you need to make their birthday a great one. Our Mickey Mouse birthday party kits are a great starting point. These kits come with everything you need for up to 24 guests. These kits include Mickey Mouse cups, plates, napkins, and table covers. Some kits include Mickey Mouse balloons, centerpieces, decorations and other supplies to complete the Mickey Mouse theme. Other supplies that you may want to consider are Mickey Mouse cake toppers and birthday candles to go along with the Mickey Mouse birthday theme. Start your shopping with Mickey Mouse party supplies and make this birthday a special one to remember!

How do you throw a Mickey Mouse birthday party?
1. Start by choosing one of our Micky Mouse themes. If your kiddo is turning one, our Mickey Mouse 1st Birthday collection will have everything you need to celebrate this huge milestone. We also have a red, black, and yellow Mickey Mouse theme that's perfect for all ages.

2. Invite guests to the party with Mickey Mouse birthday invitations that match your theme.

3. Use Mickey Mouse decorations to set the scene. Decorate your party space with Mickey Mouse balloons, banners, swirl decorations, and more.
Party Tip: Get Mickey Mouse balloons delivered straight to your door with balloon delivery!

4. Create cheerful table settings. Keep the theme going with Mickey Mouse plates, napkins, cups, and table covers.

5. Give Mickey Mouse party bags filled with Mickey Mouse party favors like party hats, blowouts, and stickers to your little one's friends.

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