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Blackberry with nuttela and hazelnuts

Blackberry with nuttela and hazelnuts

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Beat the eggs with the sugar very well, until they become a sticky foam.

Soft butter (50 gr) is mixed with 3 gl nuttella and then added to the egg composition.

It mixes well.

Add the baking powder mixed with flour, spoon by spoon, mixing after each spoon, to incorporate well.

Peanuts are cut according to size, in two or 4 and fried. (so they will have a more palatable, crunchy taste, but they will also clean themselves of the excess peel, being fried ...).

Add to the composition, as well as 50 g of finely chopped chocolate.

Stir gently.

The composite is poured into a greased form and lined with flour, and baked for 10 minutes at 200 degrees and then another 15-20 ... at 170 degrees. (Cristinne used to say that I'll be there in another 10 minutes, but it didn't bake so fast in the middle of me ...).

Leave the cake to cool, then take it out on a plate.

Make a glaze from the remaining 50 g of chocolate, 50 g of butter, one lg of nuttella and 2 lg of milk, mixing all this over low heat until smooth.

Pour over the cake.

On top put a handful of chopped hazelnuts (still fried).

Cristinne suggested to be served with a frappe in the morning ... but I devoured half of it tonight, ... without anything else ... it's super !!!!

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